Interactive Polka Dot Installation by Artist Yayoi Kusama

Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane
via Dusty Burrito

What a wonderful interactive art installation for young and old to be a part of! I would love to be a part of this one with my little munchkins. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama named this installation "Obliteration Room". Kusuma created a white covered living space for visitors to exist in and place their marks (dots) where they please in the room. Every dot therefore being a manifestation of the visitors experience in this space. So by every dot added the experience continuously changes, until no more dots are added. A joyful experience indeed. Love it! Kusama is widely known for the 'dot' motif in her works. Interestingly enough in 1968 she would also use the dot motif in a "public happening" as a form of protest to the Vietnam War. People would gather naked to be painted with dots. The dot symbolizing "unity", by all in one creating a larger being. "In that process, the self is 'obliterated',"

Kusama writes in her autobiography "Infinity Nets:"

"Polka dots, the trademark of “Kusama Happening.” Red, green and yellow polka dots can be the circles representing the earth, the sun, or the moon. Their shapes and what they signify do not really matter. I paint polka dots on the bodies of people, and with those polka dots, the people will self-obliterate and return to the nature of the universe." "Polka dots, the trademark of “Kusama Happening.”

Self-obliteration by dots, 1968.

Yayoi Kusama is exhibiting now at the Tate Modern in London. >>
Read more on Yayoi Kusama >>

This was a bit of a longer post than usual, but I found Kusama and her work so interesting and I just had to share it with you all. Have a lovely Sunday.

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