Pics that make me smile today

Hope you are having a great start to the week! Here are some of my favs today! Something to make you smile.

via Style Me Pretty

via Babble

Does anyone know the source of this beauty?


Virginia Smith said...

You have a photograph credited to Babble. The photograph is copyrighted, trademarked and taken by me for my business...

I am more than happy to share it with credit and linking back to my website, I appreciate your efforts to find the source of your images. (cute blog BTW)

Watotodesign said...

Hi Virginia,
Sorry to get back to you a few days later. I^m on holiday in Sweden, our summer house is out in nature, no internet. :) Loving it here! Ofcourse I will link back directly to your site. Done. :) Sorry about that. Have a lovely day and thanks for the compliment. It is always a pleasure to hear when readers enjoy Watotodesign Blog. :) Cheerio. xxx, Lucia.

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