Safari Decor For The Little Ones

Jumbo Rafikis ("hello friends" in Swahili)! Wow. I just came back from an amazing holiday in Kenya. It was truly wonderful to be back home again ( I was born and grew up in Kenya). I am still in full Africa mode. So, for this post I thought I would share my safari inspired nursery finds with you. So many fun ideas out there. Go get inspired people and have a great week. It is good to be back. If you have any safari inspired finds for the little monkeys, I would love to hear from you, (even if you just want to say "Jumbo").

via Femina


Esther said...

Welcome back, you totally posted one of my VERY favorite nursery desgins- the first one. Thanks for sharing it!

Watotodesign said...

Hi Esther, Thanks for checking in. Yea, I love that one too. It totally makes me want to re-decorate my kid's nursery. Have a wonderful day.
Toodles. :)

Watotodesign said...

By the way...thank you for sharing! ;)

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