Who will be your Valentine?

These Watotodesign Valentine cards will also be available for purchase at the Watotodesign online shop very soon. If you wish to make an order sooner than later, please send me an email.

Dive into Sweden's highest mountain

How about letting your kids climb Sweden's highest mountain "Kebnekaise" in their own nursery? The real Kebnekaise is 2,104m high, located in Lapland (northern Sweden) and about 150 km (ca. 90 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. However, this little beauty here is luckily a 'tad' bit smaller and warmer to be around. I think this is such a beautiful beanbag design. My son is in the "dive into anything fluffy" phase right now. So "Kebnekaise" would be perfect! Maybe not only for the kids to enjoy? Can you imagine having a few of these in your living room? You would be lounging on a Skandinavian summit! Very cool.
Go see the "smaller version" of Kebnekaise online at SMALLable, a wonderful shop with such original and sweet products.

Some more adorable Watotodesigns!

Here is another sweet treat from Watotodesign. Maybe for the front door to the nursery? Or beautifully framed over the changing table? Or on the wall by a cozy glowing lamp? These little guys are there to make your little ones giggle, to make them smile and you can even come up with funny names for them. They are just so much fun to have around. My kids enjoy them everyday! Watotodesign Shop will soon be online people! I'm so excited.

Watotodesign featured on Aunty Ollie

Check it out! Watotodesign is featured on Aunty Ollie! Thank you Jodie for the lovely feature! Keep up the amazing work.

Fun & Safe Online Videos for Kids

I stumbled upon this great website Kideos that provides our kids with lots of fun, educational and age appropriate videos. In addition each video has been screened by Video Advisory Council before it was set up onto the site. Whats also cool is the free email subscription to their weekly learning tips, activity ideas or homework help games.  It is such a friendly website, easy to navigate through and lots of fun to discover new kids videos; Kideos! Love the idea and so does my daughter!

Little Cooking Pro

How cute is this? An adorable fully "equipped" apron for our little cooks at home. My daughter loves cooking, either in her little kitchen in the nursery or with Papa in the "big" kitchen. This is a great look for a little cooking pro who always has the essentials with her/him inorder to whip up that tasty meal. Go have a peep at this sweet apron from Jamie Oliver. I would also take the chance to scan through some of the delicious recipes.

Dream Kids Party

Now every mum wants to create the perfectly styled birthday party for her 'oh so growing too fast' precious little one. You can definitely not go wrong with "Scissors. Paper. Cake". Wow! They sure know how to create the dream party down to every detail. I think my little ones would go 'bonkers' and feel like they were on cloud 15! I for one thing would probably be standing by the 'goodie table' all day, and probably also on cloud 15! Their website is a real treat too, with many more goodies! Happy dreaming at Scissors. Paper. Cake!

Adorable fashion

I adore these little outfits from Aunty Ollie. The vintage-inspired prints are just gorgeous. As 'Jodie Hampshire' (founder of Aunty Ollie) put it; "...prints that fuel my childrens’ imagination and make me smile." Yup, I think they make everyone smile! Don't you?

DIY Project: Cool Cardboard Doll House

It is finally weekend and you and your little 'munchkins' can keep those cozy pj's on a little bit longer today. Why not start the day with something fun and creative with your kids? My dear friend Dinorah at Gizmoroo gave me a super DIY tip the other day; a Cardboard Doll House. Check it out at Elsie Marley's sweet blog. Its such a great idea. So simple to put together, and lots of fun searching through magazines together for the right interior of each room. Not only a project for the girlies. You can find cool interiors for boys too. At Elsie Marley's blog you can find much more craft goodies. Happy creating and have a wonderful weekend.

Sweet Watotodesign Personalized Prints

Have a peep at these fun and colorful Watotodesign name label examples for the nursery. Choose your background color, choose your child's favorite animal, add the name and VOILA! Super cute in small formats as well as large. Will be available for purchase at Watotodesign online shop very soon! Very exciting!

Meal time fun

Being a mother of two little monkeys, I know exactly how meal times can be a constant struggle. Puh. But maybe those days are over? Check out these yummy and adorable looking kids meals! Maybe even too cute to eat? But I have no doubt that my kids will gobble these up in a sec.
Being creative for my little monsters is only fun and finally satisfying when I see they enjoy a tasty, nutritious meal. Meal times should be fun and yummy. What do you think? Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share? I would be very happy to hear from you. Here are some wonderful links to a few inspiring tips and tricks for your kid's meals. Happy meal making!

1. Little Nummies
2. Cooking for Monkeys
3. Funky Lunch
4. Funky Lunch

Colourful Moments

I'm loving these stunning photographs by Stephanie Rausser. It brings back memories of my little monkeys too. Stephanie definitely catches the essence of the moment beautifully in her work! There really is a story in each piece. I'm a big fan. Her website is also fun to visit. It totally reflects her style, playful, positive, colourful and inspiring.  Check her out at Stephanie Rausser.

Modern design meets Vintage charm

Now what about adding a beautiful, iconic 20th century piece of furniture to your child's room? I just love these "Miniature classics" from Molly-Meg! Some date back to the 1950's. Wow, only from looking at these beautiful photographs makes me want to add a few of those charming pieces to my kid's room. A perfect mix of modern design and vintage classics. Each piece truly has its charm. Go enjoy Molly-Meg's shop!

Whats your little one's name?

Custom made for your precious little one. Choose the letter color and match it to the nursery. Soon available at Watotodesign online shop. If you simply can't wait. Quick send me a line! I would be very happy to hear from you.

A Fairytale

Wow, talk about living the dream! This beautiful play castle by VeraVera is a dream come true for those little fairytale fans. I love the fact that its in white and that its a corner structure. A subtle beauty that does not make too much "noise" in a room. Go have a peep yourself at VeraVera.

Being different is way cool!

Not only is the name "Gizmoroo" catchy and fun to say, but the slogans on the t-shirts bring about a positive and confident attitude to your kids look, all bundled up with a funky design! I fancy this particular design very much. On top of that, its all organic. We love taking care of our world! Go check out the Gizmoroo online shop. You'll love it!

Welcome 2010!

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful people! I hope you had a fabulous JUMP into this new and exciting 2010. Its going to be a good one, I can feel it. It is definitely a very exciting start for Watotodesign thats for sure. Watotodesign ONLINE SHOP will be opening up by the end of this month and I can hardly wait! I will also be posting lots of goodies and 'gum drops' more regularly. I have loads to share and I sure do look forward to hearing from you too. I am always happy to answer any questions, suggestions or observations. Let me now leave you with these cute little guys who make me smile on any day! These prints will also be available at Watotodesign online shop.

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