Trick or Treat?

O.k so Halloween is around the corner. Its time to get busy, decorate, stock up on goodies, dress up and prepare yourselves for those little monsters soon at your doorstep! Or maybe big monsters?
To get your Halloween "juices" going, check out a few of my favorites I put together. Have fun peeps!



Where do you turn to for an easy, adorable and fun DIY costume for Halloween?
Go see more.

I love to dress up, although sometimes I don't either have the time to make an elaborate costume or I don't have the materials handy the moment I need them. So if you are like me, we Mamas got to have a quick, easy but cool solution right before the monsters knock on our doors. Here are a few "dark" and easy looks for Mummy to throw together. Found at Martha Stewart (ofcourse). Go crazy peeps!

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