Good morning Saturday! Wow, I think I got only two hours sleep last night. No, not from a night on the dance floor, I wish, but from my soon to be 2 year old son twisting, turning, kicking and asking for his "schnulli" (pacifier) all night long. Well, I still got some goodies to keep my eyes open for the next few hours. This short but sweet animation by "Rough Cut"gave my kids the giggles too. Also this online mag. "Babiekins" is great. SO much fun stuff in there. Plus there is a real nice interview on photographer Jan Von Holleben. I featured him a while back too. Love his work. Have a wonderful weekend.

Babiekins- via Baby Gadget


Priscila said...

Thank you so much for writing about Babiekins. I love your blog and have enjoyed it so much! You have so many wonderful things here!

Watotodesign said...

Hi Priscilla,
Thank you for putting together such a wonderful Babiekins! I am very glad that you enjoy Watotodesign Blog. Cheers. L.

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