Fun Creative Playhouse

 We all know how an indoor play house for the little ones can sometimes take too much space at home. Well, not anymore! How about a "Pop-up and collapsible cardboard playhouse called " My Space" by Liya Mairson? Is this cool or what? The kids can not only create different worlds by folding the playhouse in various ways with the choice of different backdrops, but also add a personal touch by letting the kids paint and draw on it. is 100% recyclable. Liya Mairson says its just "like living in a giant pop-up book". I just love it! Go check out the video of the various ways of using " My Space". I wish it was around when I was a little fart too.


Dam Ferreira said...

Very beautiful and interesting your blog!!
I like your job!!


Watotodesign said...

Thank you so much! I´m very glad you enjoy my blog and work. :-)

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