Turtle Weekend Wish List

We are back on good old Friday people. How was your week? Tough? Well, its over so enjoy the weekend and enjoy this weeks "Weekend Wish List"! The precious Turtle. Turtles are such magical and peaceful animals. Did you know that turtles are one of the oldest reptile groups? The earliest known turtles date from 215 million years ago. These dudes are so cool. I love it how they have so much patience, never in a hurry, just keeping it cool. I wish I was a bit more like that. This " Weekend Wish List" was a special request from wonderful reader who adores these very special creatures. Enjoy people and have a fabulous "Springy" weekend!


From top to bottom:

1. Room at the Beach
2. Haciendo el Indio
3. Watotodesign
4. Play It Safe
5. Pottery Barn Kids
6. One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies
7. Samsonite


Anonymous said...

Here is another crazy fact about these wonderful creatures: the temperature of the sand in which sea turtle eggs are incubated determines whether the babies will be males or females... and these little guys then come back to the same exact beach when they are adults to lay their own eggs. Amazing!
Thank youuuu!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Will be looking out for that suitcase!
Vive les tortues... et les elephants!! :o)

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