"Alma" by Rodrigo Blaas

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

 Hope you had a sweet weekend. I went to the movies with my daughter again. Nothing beats a girlie Sunday afternooon at the movies, with a big old bag of popcorn and some sweet goodies for the show. We watched " The Princess & The Frog". It was our second time. My daughter loves it and I must admit I do too. Second time around allowed me to spot even more fun details I missed the first time. Definitely a 'must see' for kids. So on the subject of animations, I spotted "Alma" online, a brilliant short animation directed by Rodrigo Blaas. It was nominated and won numerous awards.  Even though it is a frightening concept, I must say it is beautifully done. The suspense is always on and his attention to detail is fabulous. It definitely left a funny feeling in my tummy. Great character design. Go check it out if you are ready for a Monday morning "chill".

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Dalia said...

Wow! I love the other videos you have but this one is probably going to give me nightmares!! I love the Pixar ones though :)

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