Dive into Sweden's highest mountain

How about letting your kids climb Sweden's highest mountain "Kebnekaise" in their own nursery? The real Kebnekaise is 2,104m high, located in Lapland (northern Sweden) and about 150 km (ca. 90 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. However, this little beauty here is luckily a 'tad' bit smaller and warmer to be around. I think this is such a beautiful beanbag design. My son is in the "dive into anything fluffy" phase right now. So "Kebnekaise" would be perfect! Maybe not only for the kids to enjoy? Can you imagine having a few of these in your living room? You would be lounging on a Skandinavian summit! Very cool.
Go see the "smaller version" of Kebnekaise online at SMALLable, a wonderful shop with such original and sweet products.

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